Moving 101

The hardest part about college that I have discovered so far—worse even than organic chemistry or physics—is moving day. If my first attempt at moving had been graded by a professional, I would have received a big, fat F! There was no organization to be found in my mess of clothes, books, and just plain junk. And I could swear that there was more to be taken home at the end of the year than I had brought with me on moving day.

After moving into my dorm in all the WRONG ways for two years, I have finally discovered what works and what doesn’t, as well as what things are a good idea to bring and which ones should be left at home. Hopefully you can use some of these tips to your advantage on moving day!

Let’s Start with the Basics:

  • The most important thing to keep in mind is the kind of campus housing you will be living in. If you’re living in a dormitory-style residence hall with just a bed and a dresser, you obviously don’t need the same amount of stuff as you would in an apartment with a private bedroom and a full kitchen.
  • You know those huge plastic tubs you can get at the dollar store? Those are FANTASTIC for packing and transporting your things! I would invest in some and label them—one for the bathroom, one for the kitchen, one for decorations, and so on. Stackable ones that can fit inside each other are even better because they can be stored easily under your bed or in your closet!


  • Keep clothes to a minimum. I’m a fashion fanatic and I’ve tried to bring my entire wardrobe with me, but my closet at school is considerably smaller than the one I have at home. It’s best to bring shorts and flip flops for the first couple of months, then switch out to long sleeves and boots around fall break.
  • Keep “stuff” to a minimum. Things that are going to just sit and collect dust all year are probably better off collecting dust at home. Take this advice from the girl who brought so many stuffed animals her freshman year that there was hardly any room for her in her bed. Also, don’t bring a bunch of little trinket things and picture frames to set on your desk. Take this from the same girl who had so many things on her desk she could never actually use it to do her homework!

College Must-Haves:

  • A twin-XL comforter, sheets, and some good pillows. You can find high quality ones for a really good deal at stores like Target. I got my whole bedroom set there for less than $50. Isn’t it super cute? 🙂


  • You’ll definitely want a mattress topper. Dorm room beds are generally much stiffer than your mattress at home might be, but a foam insert can provide you with the comfort you need.
  • A laundry hamper. Wal-Mart has one with a removable inner bag that you can use to carry your clothes to your residence hall’s laundry facility. So handy, right?
  • Closet organizers and over-the-door hangers can greatly increase the amount of storage space in your room! I have one for my shoes and another for all of my scarves.

These Are Great for College, Too!

  • A television. Every room at LMU includes cable television from the local provider, so you’d be silly not to bring one!
  • Video games. These can be tons of fun for parties with your favorite student groups, and LMU’s wireless internet is perfect for online gaming.
Brycen and Trey battling it out to "Barbie Girl"

Just Dance, anyone?

  • Your bicycle. Did you know LMU is officially recognized as a Bicycle Friendly University? You’ll want to bring your own bike so you can get in on the action by riding to class and exploring the trails on campus with the Cycling Club.


  • A mini-fridge. The apartment-style housing comes with a full kitchen, but a mini-fridge is perfect for a dormitory-style rooms that don’t have one.

Make Sure Everything Checks out with Res Life!

There are several items that are not permitted in LMU’s residence halls for health and safety reasons. You’ll receive a copy of the student handbook at your new student orientation, but two things asked about often are:

  • Furniture. Your room will already have a bed, a desk, and a dresser, and the apartments will also come with a leather couch and chair and a wooden table with chairs in the common areas. But feel free to bring some small wooden furniture like bookshelves or coffee tables to brighten up the room.
  • Pets. The only types of pets allowed in LMU housing are fish. That means just fish, no turtles or frogs. Betta fish are awesome to have because they are really sturdy and don’t require a great deal of care.

My betta fish Finn that I had sophomore year

I hope these tips will ease the moving process for you and make for a stress-free moving day experience! If you have any other questions about moving day or campus housing, you can leave a message in the comment section or you can email me.


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