It’s a Pinterest Party!

Maggie and me

Maggie and me

As I mentioned in one of my earliest blog posts, LMU’s Baptist Collegiate Ministry is a student organization that is especially dear to my heart. BCM was the first club I joined in college, and I’ve served in many capacities during my time on the leadership team. From day one I’ve been the group’s praise and worship band leader, but recently my position has become one geared more toward reaching out to the rest of the student body. Part of our campus missions initiative this semester was to host individual affinity groups, where we invited other students out for a night of fun every week in the hope that we could answer their questions and encourage them to learn more about Christ. Maggie, one of the other leadership team members, and I thought that a unique way to reach out to people we didn’t know could be through a mutual love of Pinterest activities. So we made a special pin board full of clever craft ideas, bought all the necessary supplies, and invited everyone we ran into to come and join us on Monday nights for a “Pinterest Party”. Our group was a huge hit! We were able to share our message with so many people, and everyone had so much fun embracing their inner Pin-aholic. Now that the semester has come to a close, I thought I’d share with you all some pictures and memories from each week’s activity. Enjoy!

Friendship Bracelets

For our very first week, I decided to go with a classic yet simple idea. I found a bracelet pattern that I figured none of us had ever attempted before, and we all tried it out together. We each cut a circle out of a piece of card board and made eight slits in it, then we arranged seven different colors of string around the circle, leaving one of the slits empty. Moving clockwise, we flipped the third string into the open slit, and then we repeated the process over and over again until the bracelet was as long as we wanted. This one didn’t take very long to complete and it turned out super cute!

Watercolor Canvas Art

The second week was our busiest and most popular one so far! We provided everyone with canvases and paint and let them all create whatever kind of picture they wanted. For an added twist, we also provided glue that they could use to give a 3D impression on their designs. All they had to do was let it dry and then paint around it, and it would appear to stand out from the rest of the painting. This activity drew in so many people and resulted in so many beautiful works of art that I can’t sum it up in just one picture, so here’s a slideshow of all the people that came that night with their paintings.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Clay Modeling

This one was Maggie’s idea. Using every color of clay imaginable, we sculpted whatever came to mind and then popped our creations into the oven for about fifteen minutes to let them set. There were lots of clever designs, from the Despicable Me minions to Beaker from The Muppets to several kinds of animals and Pokémon. I even made a tiny Bella (the adorable dachshund in my Instagram photos) to give to my grandmother who owns her. This week also saw a really great turnout, so here’s another slideshow with all of the different clay figures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Glitter Initials

For this one we asked everyone to purchase a wooden letter of their choice, then we provided glitter, glue, and paint and let them personalize it. Most people chose to do their own initials, but a few even made one as a gift for someone else. I chose to show off my school pride with a big “LMU” in blue and gray!

Coke Bottle Penguins

1467072_468500643260934_919854494_oBetween the anticipation of Thanksgiving break and the snow that decided to start falling that night, we only had one person show up for this week’s event. But she had a great time, and her penguin turned out adorable! We duct taped the bottoms of two coke bottles together, then we painted it to look like a penguin, complete with a fuzzy hat and a colorful scarf. This was still a really fun and easy project to do, so we may try it again in the spring semester when the weather’s a little better.

Crayon Swirl Ornaments

The last Pinterest project of the semester was a send-off to Christmas break. We stuck pieces of different colored crayons inside of glass ornaments then used a hairdryer to melt the crayons. The result was a pretty, swirly, colorful work of art that students could take home and put on their trees. We had a pretty good turnout considering it was the week before final exams, but there were still a lot of ornaments leftover. So I made the rest into a set with a variety of crazy color combinations. They looked pretty good hanging from the miniature Christmas tree I came across a few days later!

I met so many nice and wonderful people through the Pinterest Party affinity group, and BCM was able to share its message of love and acceptance in a way that appealed to everyone. I’m excited to get back to work with Maggie to prepare more unique projects for the spring semester! If you’d like to join us, it will most likely be on Monday nights again, and you can email me for more details. If you end up trying any of these projects out for yourself, I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!


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