Fashion Forward

One of my favorite ways to express my personality and individuality is through my clothing. I love getting dressed up just to go to class, and I especially love the compliments I receive from my classmates. A simple “You look so cute today!” or “I love what you did with that shirt” can brighten my mood for the entire day. Dressing for success definitely helps on big test days, too, and seeing someone wearing the same shirt as you can help you meet a seemingly unlikely friend. For this week’s blog, I wanted to share some of my favorite style moments with you and offer up some of my personal fashion tips. You can check out all of these photos and more on my Instagram account or by searching under the hashtag #ootd (outfit of the day).


My absolutely most favorite fashion accessory ever is the scarf. I have quite an enormous collection of scarves in a variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Most of them are traditional scarves with a little bit of fringe at each end, but lately I’ve been really into infinity scarves, which are made of a continuous loop of fabric, rather than a long strand that is tied in the middle. They are so much more convenient and they stay together nicely the whole day while I’m wearing them!

Crazy Shoes

Next to scarves, my second favorite fashion accessories are shoes, preferably ones as eclectic as my scarves. I have some of the big brand name shoes, like Sperry, Converse, and TOMS, as well as the knock-offs that are just as comfortable and stylish. My favorite brand of shoes, however, is KEDS; I currently have five pairs and I’m hoping to start expanding my collection. Each pair has its own unique and crazy pattern, from florals to stripes to a sort of geometric, tribal pattern. With these shoes, I typically wear shirts and jeans that are more neutral, so that the shoes are the center of attention for the outfit.

Patterned Dresses

When it’s nice outside and I’m feeling a little girly, I love to wear a brightly colored dress covered in an unusual pattern. Chevron, or “zig-zag”, is my favorite pattern for dresses. It’s very flattering and it just looks so stylish and fun. I like to pair a dress with a cute pair of boots or sandals in a solid color that doesn’t distract from the eye-catching features of the  dress.

Character Shirts

One of the best way to make friends on campus is by wearing T-shirts with recognizable characters. People have seen me wearing my Hunger Games shirt, and we proceeded to have a rousing discussion about how the books are SO MUCH better than the movies. 🙂 And my “Hipster Abe” shirt is always a great conversation starter! I wore it for good luck in my Lincoln’s Life and Legacy class last semester.

School Spirit

Every college kid’s wardrobe has to include at least a little bit of official school merchandise. In addition to several LMU T-shirts from the bookstore, I also have a few uniform-type shirts that I wear to my various campus jobs. Below, you can see the bright blue shirt that I wear to RAILS recruitment events, as well as my dark blue Lincoln Ambassador polo. I also have a purple hoodie with “RA” written on it in giant neon letters, and I wear it whenever I’m on duty in the residence halls. I always look for opportunities to make fun statement outfits with these shirts, whether it’s with some of my crazy shoes or a cute headband.

“I Literally Just Threw This Together and It Actually Looks Kind of Cool”

This my favorite outfit category. Sometimes, when I’m feeling especially creative, I’ll just grab a bunch of random articles of clothing and try to arrange them into a somewhat decent-looking outfit. And most of the time, it actually works! The outfits in the pictures below are both classic examples of this kind of style. The one on the left, with the denim shirt, was especially exciting for me because I was running late to wherever I was headed, and I didn’t really have time to evaluate how I felt about it. I ended up getting several likes and comments on Instagram for it, so I’m assuming that it must have looked nice. 🙂

What are some of your favorite fashion moments that you’d like to share with me? I’d love to see them! You can leave a comment below or you can always email me. And be sure and subscribe to my blog for all the latest updates!


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